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From school to residential project. The old class rooms and labs, the theatre, the gym and the school chapel now house 37 residential units.

Context. Mère-Jeanne is a name that the people from Antwerp immediately associate the former school at the Tabaksvest (later part of the Sint-Lievenscollege). Converting the school into residential units allowed us to maintain this urban heritage and introduce a new history.

Design and approach. We opted for very diverse typologies: one-story houses, flats and lofts (chapel lofts, even). The individuality of each unit is accentuated by the vertical articulations in the long façades. The former playground is converted into a communal courtyard with connecting private terraces or front yards. Residents can take a breather here, right in the middle of the lively city centre. Under the courtyard there is an underground parking lot.

In its design, Stramien tried to maintain the atmosphere of the old school while still clearly updating it with a modern touch. Hence the combination of typical old brick architecture with new elements in copper – the entrance, the balconies, the gutters and the drainpipes. They provide modern touch of sophistication.




Tabaksvest, Antwerpen


Vooruitzicht nv


37 units - 3.500.000 euro excl. VAT

Design team

Stramien cvba