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Development and expansion of an existing school – while maintaining the green feel of the campus.

Context. Campus Coloma is located on a green plot of land a little to the south of the Malines city centre. It consists of a number of buildings that have been constructed throughout the years. In order to maintain the green feel of the school as much as possible, while still meeting its need for expansion, Stramien opted for an inwards expansion on the existing domain.

Concept and design. The old reception hall is renovated and converted to a multifunctional space for a cafeteria, study hall and a meeting point. Some existing buildings are demolished and replaced by two new buildings which are constructed next to the reception hall. These buildings house twelve classrooms and a new gym. This forms a compact and architecturally unified whole. The design wants to give the school a boost without taking up more space or reducing the green areas.

Sustainable. The classrooms get maximal daylight and look out over the green gardens. They house the cosmetology programme. The sustainable building is focused on integral water management, extensive insulation, energy-efficient installations and limited energy usage.




Campus COLOMA - Malines


AG Real Estate – Scholen van Morgen


renovation banquethall - development of classrooms and gym - 4.950.000€ excl. BTW

Design team

Stramien cvba