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De Luchtballon

Expansion of existing infrastructure. The kindergarten will be expanded with a primary school, with new building volumes and the creation of extra space.  

Context. The school is located in a green residential neighbourhood. The existing building is incorporated into the new construction, and we will maintain the focus on the surrounding nature.

Design. New and old school volumes are connected and integrated. By constructing two new wings, we will also create a new playground, the beating heart of the new neighbourhood school. All classrooms are united under one roof. Hallways and circulating spaces have been moved to the outside, allowing more room for the actual classrooms. They are linked, and all look out over the central playground.

Nature. Extra focus is put on the school’s connection to the surrounding nature. Large windows ensure that the rooms get natural light, while overhanging awnings provide additional shade and protection from the rain when going from one classroom to another. The new playground is an intimate place which is in harmony with its green surroundings.

Entrance. The new central entrance is one large room that can be used for school functions: informal meetings, teaching, special events, gym, inside playtime … The entrance also forms the face of the school; it symbolizes the inviting and open atmosphere which characterizes the school. De Luchtballon is a soft, open building, a building that’s tailored to children.


2010 – 2014 Designcontest, design en realisation


Canadezenlaan . Heide-Kalmthout


GO! – gemeenschapsonderwijs


550 m² - 700.000 € excl. VAT

Design team

Stramien cvba, Stabicom