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The site of the former gendarmerie and the police station is converted to an integrated subsidized housing project. It is located in a quiet residential neighbourhood near the city centre.

Concept and design. Maintaining the gendarmerie and carriage house was essential for this project. Both are converted to residential units, with respect for the original architecture. The police station, however, is demolished to make room for a new residential development (in the street running parallel and the inner area). A public crossing allows for pedestrians to walk across the site.

Freeing up the space between the buildings ensures that the residents get more air and more light. In almost all residences, the living room has a view on the inner area. This forges a sense of community, the residents almost live in a courtyard in the city centre.


2012-2015 Design, realisation


Abtsherbergstraat Lier


Lierse Maatschappij voor de Huisvesting cvba


26 residencies - 3 700 000 €

Design team

Stramien cvba