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Conversion of an existing warehouse ‘Kendall’ to a modern office building. Client was SD Worx.

Concept. The basic concept includes removing one entire floor slab in order to guarantee sufficient natural light. A long core is implanted against the wall on every floor containing all fixed utilities. The entire surface remains open and can be used as a flexible office landscape.

The existing roof is replaced with a new, transparent steel structure. Its rhythm and regularity refer to the rigid brick architecture of the old warehouse. The new roof is an extension of the old building, while still providing a stark contrast. Both parts form a new whole.

Sustainable. Climate control for the entire building is based on an energy-efficient concept using sun shading, night purge ventilation and natural free cooling. Extensive research showed that in renovations such as this one these sustainable interventions are possible and profitable, providing a useful contribution to the quality of the architecture and user comfort.


2009 – 2010 Design, realisation


Adriaan Brouwersstraat - Giststraat - Brouwersvliet, Antwerpen


SD Worx


Design team

Stramien cvba, Cenergie cvba