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Masterplan holiday park

A masterplan for a holiday park in Wallonia. A framework for the following ten years is drawn up in close consultation with the client and the managers.

Context. The Christelijke Mutualiteiten (CM) requested a new masterplan for their holiday park in Massembre (Heer-sur-Meuse). This needs to transform the domain (with all its strengths) into a modern, coherent whole, ideal for youth and family vacations.

Buildings. The complex held 900 beds. After evaluating the infrastructure and the needs, it seemed more useful to reduce the number of beds, but increase the comfort level. The existing pavilions will remain, but will be renovated. They will have separate rooms for small groups or families, thus diversifying the possibilities and attracting a new audience. A modern restaurant will be built at the location of the former swimming pool.

Environment. All interventions are first integrated into a global green plan, before they are realised later on (perhaps separately and in several phases): from adventure park to water play area from nature trail to pile dwelling. The surrounding woods will play an important role as well.

Reinforcing the green surroundings also means adjusting traffic circulation: roads are limited to what is absolutely necessary, cars are parked at the edge of the domain and a lot of asphalt has to make room for greenery.


2002 - 2007 Masterplan


Domaine de Massembre . Heer-Agimont


Massembre vzw


Design team

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