Expansion of a secondary school to new secondary school campus. A new school building is erected, with classrooms, cafeteria and theatre and the existing monastery in integrated into the site. Context. A recent fusion also entailed an increase in the number of students (with about 600) for the Sint-Franciscuscollege in Heusden-Zolder. The school is located […]

De Luchtballon

Expansion of existing infrastructure. The kindergarten will be expanded with a primary school, with new building volumes and the creation of extra space.   Context. The school is located in a green residential neighbourhood. The existing building is incorporated into the new construction, and we will maintain the focus on the surrounding nature. Design. New and […]

Maritime Academy

Renovation and expansion of existing infrastructure. This project consists of new construction (a large L-shaped building) connecting old and new, and restores (or develops) the buildings’ green surroundings. Context. The design starts from respect for and the defining character of the existing building which was erected in 1932. The then very advanced ‘ocean liner architecture’ […]


Development and expansion of an existing school – while maintaining the green feel of the campus. Context. Campus Coloma is located on a green plot of land a little to the south of the Malines city centre. It consists of a number of buildings that have been constructed throughout the years. In order to maintain […]