Multifunctional space ‘Spoor Noord’


Emile Verhaeren Monument

St. Amands


Multifunctional space ‘Spoor Noord’

Conversion of an industrial building, a former locomotive repair facility into an open multifunctional space. The job was allocated through an open architecture competition. Context. The new park ‘Spoor Noord’ was designed by Italian architects Secchi & Vigano. The old locomotive repair facility SPTM (Stelplaats Tractie Machines; Depot Traction Machines) was one of the remnants […]

Permeke library

Conversion and renovation of a former garage building (Permeke) in a difficult neighbourhood near the Central Station. The city of Antwerp organized an architecture competition which Stramien won. Concept and design. Alongside the De Coninckplein, the old ruined buildings were demolished. Central focus point is a new glass cube housing a Grand Café. This ‘box’ […]


Conversion of an existing warehouse ‘Kendall’ to a modern office building. Client was SD Worx. Concept. The basic concept includes removing one entire floor slab in order to guarantee sufficient natural light. A long core is implanted against the wall on every floor containing all fixed utilities. The entire surface remains open and can be […]


From school to residential project. The old class rooms and labs, the theatre, the gym and the school chapel now house 37 residential units. Context. Mère-Jeanne is a name that the people from Antwerp immediately associate the former school at the Tabaksvest (later part of the Sint-Lievenscollege). Converting the school into residential units allowed us […]

Emile Verhaeren Monument

Renovation and revaluation of Emile Verhaeren’s funerary monument. The rising level of the water in the Scheldt estuary required us to raise not just the monument but the entire site with approximately 1.75 m. Context. The grave of writer and poet Emile Verhaeren in Sint-Amands is one of Flanders’ most important historical funerary monuments. It […]

Maritime Academy

Renovation and expansion of existing infrastructure. This project consists of new construction (a large L-shaped building) connecting old and new, and restores (or develops) the buildings’ green surroundings. Context. The design starts from respect for and the defining character of the existing building which was erected in 1932. The then very advanced ‘ocean liner architecture’ […]


The site of the former gendarmerie and the police station is converted to an integrated subsidized housing project. It is located in a quiet residential neighbourhood near the city centre. Concept and design. Maintaining the gendarmerie and carriage house was essential for this project. Both are converted to residential units, with respect for the original […]


Development and expansion of an existing school – while maintaining the green feel of the campus. Context. Campus Coloma is located on a green plot of land a little to the south of the Malines city centre. It consists of a number of buildings that have been constructed throughout the years. In order to maintain […]