Stramien is a multidisciplinary design agency focusing on architecture, urban development, spatial planning and design of public spaces. Integrating these disciplines strogly drives our agency, while we focus on sustainable construction and sustainable urban development.


One team, many competences

Stramien works as one team. Over 30 people are ready to manage your project from A to Z, with maximal contributions from our specialists. Architects and urban developers work closely together supported by a large administrative department. Every project is seen as a whole, approached in a clear, practical manner and finished within the time limits set.

A network of professionals

Stramien has built an extensive network of professional partners complementing our own knowledge and competences. With their input we can offer a professional approach to all aspects and elements parts of a project and meet the client’s demands. This full-service approach guarantees quality and professionalism. Nowadays, construction and designing is not something you do by yourself.

Consultation is key

Good communication is key for fruitful team work and mutual understanding. Therefore, we put a lot of work into discussion and consultation. We believe in the power of collaboration, not just with clients and users, but also with the other actors and departments involved. To us, this is the only way to generate sufficient support for a new project.

Clear approach and transparent organization

Our experience taught us that transparent structures make work both pleasant and efficient. Stramien has one team that works on your project, from the first sketches until its completion. This guarantees coherent management, straightforward communication and clear trajectories. The team composition depends on the scale and the complexity of the project.

Working as a construction team

The basic philosophy behind the concept of a ‘construction team’ is simple: construction is done by people, and people work better in a climate of confidence. That is why designer, client and general contractor are working together from the very beginning. Together they build the project, from its design to its completion. This is a sustainable approach which ensures high quality, low risks and the desired results while staying within the budget and following the time plan.

The projects listed on our website illustrate how our vision is put into practice.
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Complexity is a challenge

Projects are becoming more and more complex. Architecture and urban development is no longer limited to roads and buildings; people and the way they live together need to be taken into account as well. Just like mobility, energy use, safety, multimedia and generations. Because new living concepts, new functions, new technological possibilities are constantly developed. Creating room for these developments and giving them a chance is our ambition, our way of putting sustainability into practice.

Appreciation of heritage

Very often heritage tells a story of the generations before us, of the meaning they assigned to buildings and places. We want to appreciate, understand, study and complement these cultural, social and economic stories. With respect to the surroundings, we study the capacity and the use of renovating or expanding the existing patrimony. Conversion is always used as a tool for increasing future value without losing the history.

Integration in every design

Architecture and urban development are not clearly delineated. Both disciplines complement and reinforce one another. We will always translate and visualize a given programme in a creative way, and tell the story through our own eyes. This makes for a unique, integrated story with a personal signature, with a focus on architecture, interior, public spaces, urban design and spatial planning on a large or small scale.

Managing scarcity

Primary materials, energy and time are scarce, but nothing is scarcer than space. Therefore, we want to use the scarce space in an innovative and economical way. This increases the liveability of our society and preserves some space for future generations – the ultimate form of sustainability. For example, from the beginning of the project we will look at optimizing energy use.

From context to detail

Designing is a process that takes place in a spatial context; reading the location is therefore the starting point for every project. We do not just follow this reading; we start a dialogue with it. Knowledge and a sense of the context provide starting points for the design. Then we look for the correct proportions, harmony, alternation of peace and quiet and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This dynamic opens up a trajectory, a perspective allowing the user to better experience the space and have a richer feel of their surroundings.

Streamlining ambitions

Building projects requires more than just drawing up plans. It also requires working together, listening, studying, convincing and inspiring. Stramien thinks and works in processes and considers it a team player in the complex reality of architecture and urban development. We want to contribute with inspiring concepts, feasible ideas and practical suggestions to the dynamic which is created before every project. The power of discussion forms the basis for long-term quality.

An achievable future

Stramien strives to draw up designs that make people happy. We want to design buildings and spaces that sing. Our ambition originates in our great confidence in the future. After all, as designers we are faced with ever-changing challenges, but we believe in our capability of constantly providing new answers on various domains: sustainable construction, collective thinking, and solving mobility issues. Is this 'creative design' or 'art'?



Good collaboration with professional partners ensures optimal management of your project. Throughout the years, Stramien has built an extensive network of specialists and organizations that join us in developing an approach tailored to each project.

Cenergie cvba, Antwerpen

Royal Haskoning DHV Belgium, Mechelen

IRS studiebureau, Kortenberg

BC architects bvba, Brussel

ARA bvba, Antwerpen

Ney & Partners, Brussel

Arcadis Belgium, Antwerpen

LandLab, Arnhem

Lightning Design, Milaan

Erfgoed & Visie, Malle

Origin bvba, Brussel

RAU architecten, Amsterdam

Souto Moura Arquitectos SA, Porto

Vectris cvba, Leuven

Arcade nv, Antwerpen

Talboom Group, Puurs